How I turned a podcast into a business with Python (and some Other Tools we won't talk about)
By Jay Miller

I've been interviewing people in tech for the past 4 years. Last year I turned this into a business where I help other content creators with their brand. In this talk I will break down some of the tools that I used to make turn the podcast into a boutique business by using a lot of python and some awesome folks in the python community!

Saturday 11:35 a.m.–12:05 p.m.

We will cover the building of a podcast the easy and hard way. I started with the hard way that includes using Flask and PyMongo (plus a lot of string formatting) to build my site and host my feed. Then I will cover why I stopped doing that and opted to go with a more traditional host.

Next I will talk about my editing process as a whole and how I use python + requests to do things like add guests to a mailing list and trigger some automations (like social media posts)

Finally I will cover the steps that I took to turn my skills into a business around marketing and editing. This includes:

  • automating mailing lists and email creation with maligun.
  • automating Newsletter builds for clients with Javascript and eventually python (Requests, Beautifulsoup + Jinja)
  • automating my billing process with with stripe.

Jay Miller

Jay is a MultiPotentialite that is currently focusing on helping other developers create content for other developers.